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The purpose of Standing Firm in the Faith is very practical—to let Scripture stir people into action. Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned Christian, it will give you a solid, Scriptural foundation for being an overcomer, so that you can stand your ground in these challenging times.

This is more than a discussion of important Scriptural principles. It is also a personal testimony of how the life-giving, mind-transforming power of Scripture can change our lives.



Table of Contents

Front Matter
  About the Author
  Author's Preface
Part I — The Challenge
  Chapter 1. The Challenge
Part II — Scripture
  Chapter 2. The Authority of Scripture
  Chapter 3. The Power of God’s Word
  Chapter 4. Reading and Understanding Scripture
Part III — Some Basic Beliefs

Chapter 5. God

  Chapter 6. Jesus Christ
  Chapter 7. The Trinity
  Chapter 8. Good and Evil
  Chapter 9. Man’s Relationship to God
Part IV — Growing to Christian Maturity
  Chapter 10. The Importance of Maturity
  Chapter 11. Our Position in Christ
  Chapter 12. Our Conflict With the Devil
  Chapter 13. Dare to Be Different
  Chapter 14. Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind
  Chapter 15. Live by the Holy Spirit
  Chapter 16. Total Commitment to God
  Chapter 17. The Importance of Obedience
  Chapter 18. Faith
  Chapter 19. Dealing With Pain and Suffering
  Chapter 20. The Vigorous Christian Life
  Chapter 21. Pressing in to God
Part V — Standing Firm
  Chapter 22. Standing Firm
  Chapter 23. Conclusion
  Afterword by Dr. Jerry Ralph Curry
  Appendix - Tools for studying Scripture
End Notes
  End Notes
  Back Cover



Copyright 2004 by James L. Morrisson